New Release! The President by Health Worldwide

Welcome USA Voters! As those of you too lazy to not early or absentee vote, you will likely face long lines, poorly trained poll workers and buggy electronic voting machines as you waltz throughout the charade that is our democratic process. By why do it alone? You have Health Worldwide’s The President to hold your hand through the entire soul shattering process:

Welcome to Toilville! 1st Annual Superstorm Sandy delayed our initial salvo, but we got just the thing for you on the MOST IMPORTANT DAY THE WORLD HAS YET SEEN.

Health Worldwide is the electronic music project of Indiana based Graphics Guru David Orr. The release, a mellow 8 track walk through no particular election cycle is just the audio restorative America needs after a long season of empty rhetoric and partisan baiting. Made partially on the freeware Wizard Master Control Program and various toysumer synthesizers, this release;s simple arrangements and bare sonic design is chock full of emotive psych-outs and evocative aural imagery.

Toilville is not yet a super PAC, so we where unable to get any major television marketing push behind the release. WE are hoping that the facade of our folksy grass roots populism  (beat up old pickup trucks! service industry! undue civic loyalty!) should be enough to tell all your friends about this stunning achievement in lowfi synthesis.

Go now!



Seziure Music Preview: “Fashion”

The weather events on the east coast are delaying this release some, so we wanted to share a video clip for you, here is “Fashion”. More info on Seizure Music.

Coming soon! “Seizure Music” – Satan’s Robot

And maybe just in time for Halloween! 10 tracks of hard hitting Playstation derived EBM from a device so evil, it could only be crafted in the Devil’s Workshop. Check the preview above, with more to come in the next few days!

Toilbits for 2012-09-07

Toilbits for 2012-08-31

  • Percolations imminent. #
  • That's a relief, book about killing Bin Laden, to be released on 9/11 "not political" #
  • Solved: Eastwood is RNC ‘mystery guest’ Conventions now geeky in every use of the term #
  • Toilville is … – #
  • Toilville is … – #
  • Consciousness in Animals on par with humans: #
  • "President Obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans and to heal the planet," Romney said, a line that prompted laughter… #

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